Tuesday, May 19, 2015

IF-2, Hard Landing

Mission time: 2015-05-19 6pm

So I tried to get another flight today with the drone but there is a glitch with the altimeter,  where the altitude can go negative.  This results in the drone going to full power crashing into the ceiling and falling out of the sky.  One of these tests resulted in the drone hitting a light in the ceiling, spiraling out of the sky and landing sideways!  This caused some minor structural damage to the protective housing of the drone (a chunk came out of it) but the drone was fine.  I figured out that the bug was due to me flying over a table since the drone didn't crash when I flew through a corridor.

The good news is my VSI (vertical speed indicator) is now working correctly and even goes red when the drone is descending.  This is the first step towards building a nice TUI that is easy to read.  Next up BIP (Back-light Information Panel). Oh and fix the housing, just need to find some glue.

Drone descending

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