Saturday, May 16, 2015

IF-1, terrifying!

 Mission time: 2015-05-15 3pm

Wow my heart rate skyrocketed after this test! And I thought finals were meant to be bad.  Anyway I think this is the last test that I will do indoors, at least in the labs, there's not enough room.  It was still a good test, I got a good data stream from the drone giving me accurate information about it's position.


  • Pitch roll and yaw control passed
  • Altimeter partial-pass
    • Randomly dropped beneath 0, impossible
  • Velocity display partial-pass
    • Z-axis not displaying anything
    • All other axis good

Next objectives:

  • Find a larger space
    •  The wind is meant to get lower than earlier in the week
  • See if Z-axis works with fast velocities in all directions
  • Update altimeter to use m not the unit-less value from the drone
  • Fly with the camera!
The data feed back on the computer screen.

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