Sunday, May 17, 2015

OF-1 Good results

 Mission time: 2015-05-16 11am

I went out to the quad to try flying outdoors and it was a good test flight.  I managed to avoid crashing the drone too much.  I did have one moment where my code crashed due to a typo on a function inside a specific method that can only be called while the drone was flying.  This resulted in the drone going into a hover!  To get it to come down I had to grab it and flip it around so it would go into emergency mode.  Other than that the testing was pretty smooth. 


  • Velocity display partial-pass
    • Z-axis still not displaying anything
  • Camera pass

Next objectives:

  • Update TUI to display more information
  • Create a BIP (Back-lit information panel) displaying drone status
  • Add in emergency stop button
  • Update altimeter
  • Remove altitude limit
  • Stop using console.log for t/o and lnd
  • Aerobatics.....

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