Sunday, May 17, 2015

OF-2 Asymetrical Flame Out

 Mission time: 2015-05-17 5pm

First sign of trouble
So I figured out how to adjust the altitude limiter and I had the drone flying up to 10m!  I've heard stories of people's drones getting stuck and drifting around so I have some RC helicopters on standby to fly into the drone and take it down.  Thank goodness I didn't have to use any of them!  That being said I did have one incident.  I drained the batteries too much and the warning didn't kick in until the drone was 3 meters in the air.  Unfortunately the drone lost power to one of the rotors causing the drone to cartwheel out of the sky.  Note to self, add in a low power warning.  Also during this flight I generated detailed logs of the entire flight so I can see what information I want to display.  Next test: BIP (start with T/O and Landed lights).


  • Velocity display partial-pass
    • Z-axis still not displaying anything
  • Altitude limiter pass

Next objectives:

  • Update TUI to display more information
  • Create a BIP (Back-lit information panel) displaying drone status
  • Add in emergency stop button
  • Update altimeter
  • Stop using console.log for t/o and lnd
  • Aerobatics.....
Low altitude warning

Crash landing

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